Abilify Contraindications

Intending to take the drug Abilify, patients must know that it has some contraindications:

  • if patient is under eighteen years of age;
  • increased sensitivity of the patient to the drug, and in some cases, and to its components;

In addition, there are several reasons for which the medication should be taken with caution:

  • various types of cardiovascular disease;
  • cerebrovascular disease;
  • predisposition to arterial hypotension;
  • convulsive seizures;
  • high risk of hyperthermia;
  • increased risk of aspiration pneumonia;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes.

During pregnancy it is possible to use this drug only if the benefit of taking outweighs the risk of potential complications. During breast-feeding it is better to abandon the Abilify.


During the clinical trials, serious negative interactions of Abilify with other medications have not been found out. The main precautions are regularity of taking and compliance of the drug dosage and periodicity of treatment.

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